Should ‘Right to Privacy’ have limits?

right to privacy


  • Right to privacy refers to the concept that one’s personal information needs protected from public scrutiny.
  • The right to privacy is intrinsic to life and liberty and comes under Article 21.
  • On August 24, 2017 Supreme Court declares that ‘Right to Privacy’ is a Fundamental right.


  • It is already mentioned by Judiciary that Right to Privacy is not an absolute right. If needed it is subject to reasonable restriction.
  • Privacy prompts lack of accountability as people can do wrong things and no one will see them.
  • Right to Privacy can create misbehavior and lawlessness, people may commit crimes and it may get hard with no proper ways to prove them wrong.
  • Too much privacy can result in failure to exchange ideas or learn from other, which will hinder intellectual growth.
  • Right to Privacy can prevent media or policing agencies to show the private information of criminals or terrorists.
  • Right to Privacy can create a sense of alienation, people will be more into themselves.
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  • With privacy one can form a sense of individuality, forming his own ideas, values and beliefs.
  • It will give all the basic rights to the citizen which are, Right to be left alone, Right to freedom of thought, Freedom of expression.
  • Prevents the misuse of personal data by any firm or person.
  • Privacy gives the right to question the authority, people can ask what government is doing with their information.
  • This will prompt the corporates to adopt better policies to safeguard their member privacy.
  • Prevents the breach of security, which we saw in the Aadhaar case these days.

Situation in other countries:-

  • Germany has very strict privacy laws to prevent their people’s information, these laws were troublesome to organization like Facebook and Google in recent years.
  • The Data Protection Directive adopted by the European Union in 1995, which shield the Personal Data within European Union.
  • Sweden has ‘Data Act 1973’, to protect the privacy of personal data on computers.
  • The Personal information Protection and Electronic Development Act governs the collection and usage of personal info in Canada.
  • USA doesn’t have any privacy laws though its ‘Fourth Amendment to the constitution’ is has clauses protecting the same.
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The government should come up with better data security laws and not strengthening the Privacy rules. A data protection regime coupled with Right to Privacy will be our way forward. This way we can build a strong nation.


Afterwords :- Do you think Right to Privacy should have limits? Express your opinion in the comment section below.

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