Is ‘Make in India’ a success?


Achievements :-

  • With the launch of Make in India, rules and policies are simplified. Now it is much easier to start a company in India. That means Red tapism is reduced.
  • Ease of doing business in India is increased. India now ranks 130th out of 190 countries in the World Bank’s 2016 ease of doing business index.
  • Make in India program attracted Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to India.
  • This program made India, one of the preferred manufacturing hubs.
  • It created new employment opportunities.
  • There is a boom of startups in India after launching Make in India.
  • Several foreign companies started their manufacturing units in India.
  • India is aiming zero electronic imports by 2020, by making India as a electronic manufacturing hub, which is a part of ‘Make in India’ program.

Drawbacks :-

  • Though improved, ease of doing business in India is not upto the mark. Private firms, especially larger firms are complaining about regulatory obstacles.
  • There is a shortage of skilled manpower in India. Though the situation has improved, still there is a gap in between the demand and supply of skilled manpower.
  • Though many industries are planned to be setup and inaugurated, many of those projects are not implemented yet.
  • Workers in India’s manufacturing companies are getting very low wages.

Background :-

  • ‘Make in India’ program was launched in 2014 to transform India into a manufacturing hub.

Conclusion :-

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‘Make in India’ is a success in creating a favorable environment for manufacturing companies. It’s effect on Indian economy is clearly visible. But there are some drawbacks that need to be taken care of.


Afterwords :- Do you think ‘Make in India’ program is a success? Express your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. According to my knowledge ..make in India is a good step for our country to become a self dependent .by this step we can easily start a new business in any field . it means red Tapism is reduced .target of raise GDP from 16% to 25% can be completed by this ..and India become
    a big manufacturer country in world

  2. Yes, it is OK. But youth mentality is getting Govt job and easy going. People should be optimistic and self employment attitude. It is good for self & community.

  3. Make in india is successful move in 2014. it will help to develop indian economy. so many people will get jobs. Make in india – Make it india


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