Age and Youth: Experience And Young Talent

age and youth


In Favor to Age:-

  •  They have more practical knowledge rather than bookish knowledge. 
  • Aged people have more patience than youth. Most of the young people easily get bored by some routine work in organization.
  • Most of the violent activities are done by youth. Because many young people are overemotional. 
  • Youth are easily get influenced by movies, but aged people don’t.
  • Youth gains talent and knowledge by the books written by the experienced people.
  • Everyone prefers to take decisions from aged than the youth.
  •  Decision making can be done effectively by aged people than youth. Because most of the young people take decisions spontaneously without thinking of consequences. 

In Favor to Youth:-  

  • Youth have more creativity compared to aged. 
  • Youth have more competitive spirit.
  • Youth are more flexible to situations.
  • Youth have more zeal to work than to earn money, when compared to aged people.
  • Youth have more awareness about new technology updates.  
  •  Some people may not acquire practical knowledge with age. In that case, young talent comes first.


      Talent completely depends on the individual regardless of age. However any organization takes employees based on the demands of it, whether it needs judgmental capacity gained by age or the energy and talent of youth. Age and Youth, both are like two eyes. Any organization needs both.

Afterwords :- What are your thoughts on this topic? Feel free to express your opinion in the comment section below.

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  1. In my opinion both youth and old aged people are ok with there points
    we youth ,,havnt that much knowlege ,regarding to society, people , our surrounding..
    bt we are passionate to do any thing , we think in prectical formet.

  2. Hi,i agree with u people regarding to age and youth:expeience and talent but every young person becomes old na then how can we conclude younger is better, older is not much better. its my opinion.

  3. its true dat talent and knowledge does not depends on age….a person of age 50 can also have talent for knowing new practical knowledge….

  4. Dats right my frnd talent is regardless of d age and any organisation requires both type of people youngsters as well as experienced for its smooth and flexible running


  5. if todays' youngsters are considered as aged after 20-30 years and the new born are considered as youngsters after 20-30 years how wil b ur response to the very same topic?!!!!!!


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