India safe for women
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Is India safe for women?

Background :-
  • New laws and directives are being proposed every other day, phone applications for safety are being launched densely, police protection on streets are being levied, all for strengthening the security of women in the country. In spite of
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Fake News – Impact on society

What is Fake News :-
  • Fake or fabricated news is a type of Yellow Journalism or propaganda that consists of misinformation spread via social media or news channel.
  • It is written with a intent to mislead masses in order to
e commerce
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E-Commerce – Sustainable business model?

Background  :-
  • The transaction of buying or selling online, commonly known as E-commerce has seen a speedy growth within the buyers and sellers. The penetration of the internet has been sharp for which, e-commerce has also stepped up.
  • The competition
delhi’s odd even rule
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Delhi’s Odd-Even Rule : a success?

Theme :-
  • Delhi, a metropolitan city having over 11 million population is known for its rich culture and vibrant heritage. Be it in terms of pollution or the endless traffic jams, the capital of India ranks the fifth as one
india time zones
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Should India adopt two time zones?

  • Time Zone refers to the local time of a region or a country.
  • Indian Standard Time (IST) is the time observed throughout India, with a time offset of +05:30.
  • India has considered multiple time zones a few times but