Economic GD Topics

Merger of PSU banks – Is it really necessary?

Background :-
  • Government of India is planning to merge government owned banks to create a few strong banks that can compete in a global race.
  • PSU banks were hit hardly by Non-performing Assets (NPA). This is the reason Indian government
Current Affairs GD Topics

Digital India

What is the ‘Digital India’ program:
  • ‘Digital India’ was launched in July 2015 by the Government of India. This is started with the aim to achieve three interconnected goals. They are
    • Availability of high-speed internet to each and every citizen.
Economic GD Topics Current Affairs GD Topics

Is GST beneficial for the common man?

Plus :-
  • Basic food items prices aren’t increased. There is no tax on milk, pulses, wheat and rice.
  • Prices of most of the daily essentials used by middle class people remain unchanged and prices of some daily essentials like soaps,
Economic GD Topics

Farm loan waivers – Good or Bad?

Theme :-
  • It’s elections time, and every political party is promising farm loan waiver scheme.
  • Agricultural debt waiver scheme was first implemented in 1990. Then, Rs.10,000 crore worth farm loans were waived off. From then loan waivers are implemented multiple
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