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Impact of Technology on Banking sector

Positive impact of technology on banking sector :-
  • The biggest revolution came in banks is Digitization.
  • Banking process is faster than before and more reliable. Maintenance and retrieval of documents and records have become much faster and easier.
  • Computerized banking
indian banking challenges
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Challenges to Indian Banking sector

Emerging challenges:-
  • Asset quality is under tremendous pressure due to continued economic slowdown and increase in the rise of the levels of Gross nonperforming advances and NPA’s.
  • One of the major problems is Large Over dues of farmers in small
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Can we rely on Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?

Yes :-
  • Future belongs to technology. Cryptocurrencies make peer-to-peer financial transactions a lot easier. This currency can be sent from any part of the world to any part of the world. Hence there will be no struggle of exchanging the
impact of gst
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Impact of GST on Indian Economy

Positive Impact :-
  • As there will be no inter-state tax, transport of goods will be much easier. There will be no burden of check posts for states. And this will benefit transport industry and suppliers of goods as well. This
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How to reduce NPA?

What is NPA :-
  • ‘Non-performing Assets’ (NPA) are the loans that are not repaid and are not generating any income to the lender.
  • Around Rs. 6 lakh crore worth loans are classified as NPA as of 2017 and are causing