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Abrogation of Article 370

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Today is the 28th day of ‘Let’s Discuss’ program. This program is like a virtual group discussion. we’ll give you a GD topic on every Tuesday. Go to the embedded youtube video and express your thoughts on the topic through the comment section by tomorrow morning 10 o’clock. We’ll read each and every comment and will pin the best comment.

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  1. In my point of view. It is historical event.
    Article 370 and 35 A was a hurdle in the path of development of J & K. The basis problem in the state is unemployment. With abrogation of article investors of outsider will be encouraged thereby creating job and opportunities for the youth which is misusing by separatlist in stone pelting. Govt is empowered to create infrastructure and boosting tourism in the state.

  2. According to me it was one of the best decision taken by government. Article 370 does nothing but encourages the terrorism (bcoz we can’t do anything) abrogation of article 370 will improve the conditions and terrorism will be slammed.
    Equal right equal opportunity equal punishment will be given to them. There after they will understand what will they get in response to pelting stones at our army and making slogans against India. Though it was a tough decision but it’ll be fruitful in near future.

  3. According to me J & K is the intregal park of India so there is no question of special status.Abrogation of Article 370 it’s a very difficult movement of the government. After independence no political parties had courage to take this difficult steps. One country, one Constitution and one flag , actually some of the anti India groups were enjoying that special status but common people have been suffering and terrorism is increasing day by day. terrorist organisation were taking advantage to encash the poor , unemployed people.On 6th August president Ram Nath Kovind declared the abrogation of Article 370 and passed a resolution from both the houses that all clauses of the Article 370 shall cease to be operative. Nowadays it is under Union Territory and yesterday prime minister addressed to the nation that he will give all the facility to J & K people like other state and take care development of J &K and give the employment of young generation. so it is good for the state. Actually we know Kashmir is our paradise and people have desire to go there for visiting and hope near future it will be actually paradise in all aspect and Terrorism will end and common will live happily.

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