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  • Tinku Paul, Jun 20, 2019 @ 7:24 am Reply

    According to me one nation one election is very good proposal. It’s time consuming and money consuming not only that several people has to involve to conduct the election as a result work has been hampered. In a democratic country there is many election I e parliament election, Assembly , corporation and Panchayat election so political leader has to always busy to take care of their chair and desire to retain their power. So when they will get time to develop our country ?Yes we need stable government . But when the government form they have to take care of development of our country. Once they have elected they don’t need to think for 5 years otherwise every year election is due for any of state. In India there are several problems like control the population, unemployment, eradication of poverty, eradication of illeteracy. So there is only one election then political party can concentrate to develop our country. But it requires to consult with the constitutional expertise to amend our Constitution. Yesterday there was meeting with all political parties with prime minister one nation one election and many political parties also agreed with them. So if it is execute it will very appreciative.

  • Anshul Rana, Jun 18, 2019 @ 5:53 pm Reply

    I find the idea of one nation one election extremely effective for our democracy.
    In the current scenario, we often see that politicians are always in an Election mode.
    They hardly focus on development and have their eyes always set on the upcoming elections in one state or other.
    The policies that they make are also done in such a manner that it looks appealing to the state where elections are due. Ministers including our own PM prioritise attending political rallies instead of working in their portfolio. This has a very negative impact on the development of the country.
    In order for our country to become developed, we require a stable, focussed government who are only working on the welfare of the country.One nation one election will ensure that politicians focus on their jobs for 5 years and only get into the election mode once in 5 years.
    Organizing one election will have its challenges. It will be huge burden on nation’s budget. Also it will require high security throughout the nation. But if all political parties show the will to organize one election, meeting these challeneges won’t be tough.
    Dedication of political leaders towards Nation’s development has always been questioned. Having One Election will be a great step to ensure their dedication for nation.

    • Sourav De, Jun 19, 2019 @ 4:29 pm Reply

      As my friend has pointed out the adavntages and disadvantage that will arise due to one Nation one elections I would like to throw some points. As we all know that all the elections which go on will consume so much of resources in form of roadshows, open ground raillies and so on it will create a huge and collective impact on the environment in order to make the process feasible without straining the resources we need a proper strategy and infrastructure to address this issue. We will need huge manpower for the same. Looking at the economic aspect I can say that there will be a benefit if we can streamline the process and the election Commission of India puts proper restrictions on money spent. The process should be a gradual one and not sudden. With this I will finish my point.

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