Note: At present, India is witnessing Covid third wave. So, this article is no longer relevant.


  • At present, India is witnessing the second wave of COVID-19, which is more severe than the first wave. It is predicted that covid third wave is inevitable if we do not take strong measures.

How to prevent COVID third wave in India:

  • The pace of vaccination should be faster. At the current pace, it would take eight months approximately to vaccinate all the adults (94.4 crore adults according to government statistics). This is due to the low supply of vaccines. So, the government is planning to improve the supply of vaccines and is aiming to vaccinate 1 crore people every day from mid-July or August. The faster the vaccination drive, the probability of the third wave of COVID in India will be lesser.
  • When the cases started declining after the first wave, many people returned to pre-covid behaviour due to pandemic fatigue. It is also because many people thought that the pandemic phase is over. This behaviour of common people is also one of the reasons for the COVID second wave. So, even after the second wave is over, we should follow covid appropriate behaviour by wearing masks, maintaining social distance to prevent the outbreak of the third wave.
  • There should be more COVID testing centres to avoid the crowd. At present, some people are not getting tested for COVID fearing they may contract the virus at the testing centres. This may lead to a fewer number of known cases and hence a false sense of assurance. So, more testing centres and better facilities should be opened to prevent the third wave.
  • Access to healthcare services should be improved, so that covid affected people can immediately take treatment, thus can prevent further spread.
  • At present, there is a scarcity of healthcare professionals. Moreover, doctors and other healthcare professionals are facing burnout due to overwork. Overwork and exhaustion can lead to reduced quality of care. So, steps should be taken to increase the number of professionals in the healthcare sector.
  • Washing hands is very essential to prevent the spread of the virus. But still, in many areas, people are struggling with water scarcity. So, the government should work on increasing water availability.
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The government and the common people together should work on preventing the third wave of COVID-19. We should also be prepared to tackle the third wave so that we can reduce the impact if the covid third wave comes.

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  • Aishwary Gupta, Sep 4, 2021 @ 11:00 pm Reply

    As per my opinion , we should follow covid-19 guidelines given by our doctors and government until this coronavirus totally vanished from our country as we can see after first wave of corona virus everyone came in their normal routine live which they follow before covid-19 because everyone think that corona was gone even government also said that they beat the virus but due to our lack knowledge and not taking precaution second wave was came which had very bad impact on our country .
    In second wave lots of people died many family lost their relatives , even some peoples lost their everything what they had. As our scientist and doctors said that third wave of corona is inevitable so taking consideration and impact of second wave we should take some grave steps to reduce the impact of third wave by strictly following covid-19 guidelines also from government side, they should ensure that there should be the proper vaccination process and reach there target to fully vaccinated there country as soon as possible by increasing the supply of vaccination all over the country other than vaccination there should also the proper and enough availability of medical staff, medicine, oxygen, ICU bed and all other thing which is important to fight against third wave of corona in every covid hospital of the country . Also people should get there both dose of vaccine as soon as possible .

  • Rajesh Kumar SBS, Jul 8, 2021 @ 7:28 pm Reply

    Well, I think Central Government of India should not do like that whatever they did in previous time they should not concentrate on elections but now there is no profit of talking about that because what ever happened that cannot bring again but we need to focus on our future time we need to vaccinate all the people of our family and also motivate the people who are afraid of vaccination actually rumours in a village is common thing people think that they will face illness that’s afraid of vaccine they do not take any vaccination so this is our responsibility to motivate them to and aware about the vaccination specially the people of rural areas they do not take any mask and do not maintain social distancing well I think not only the people of India but also state and Central Government each and every citizen of India should work one another two face the third wave of covid-19 only then we can you know it

  • Poly, Jun 27, 2021 @ 10:18 am Reply

    The rise of the third wave of pandemic is inevitable as advised by the Experts and Health dept. Now its the time ,everbody should show their wisdom, common sense and positivity towards tackling this global pandemic. Instead of blaming others we all must accept and aware our own responsibility. Offcourse from government side, this is the time the govt must realize its mistakes and correct it. I would like to suggest few ideas.
    1) Awareness among people – This pandemic we have been seeing it since one year. The impact of second wave was shocking & painful. The need for a proper mechanism arises at this time. Effective awareness among people about the danger in this virus should be communicated. It must be reached to grass root level. It is now the responsibility of Centre to delegate this responsibility to states in ensuring awareness to reach at these level.
    2) Speedy vaccination & post vaccination measures – This is the responsibility of Centre in ensuring the vaccination to all the people of our country. The need for complete vaccination is inevitable in every terms, like improving economy, maintaining the balance in health care etc. So a mechanism to be formulated in ensuring the availability of vaccines to all and divert all the efforts in attaining it. Post vaccinate people should well aware about the importance of following guidelines after vaccination. It is only a prediction that it would be less severe if we took vaccination. The question of infecting virus again cannot be ruled out. Moreover, they may be a carrier of this virus.
    3) Ensuring the safety of common people – This is one of the important areas our govt should give more preference. Majority of the population are middle class or poor. What would they do if they lost their jobs? This question is very significant. If the govt ignore this question it would be like either they die by virus or they die by hunger. Centre, States must implement new schemes to ensure the welfare of common people.

    I would like to conclude by saying we need more corona testing centres, vaccination centres, good health care services i.e. health workers, medical eqpt before the arrival of third wave. Govt & people, both are equally responsible in every ways. We all must unite to unite to beat this problem. Because together we can achieve big things.

  • AHMAD+ALI+SHAHAB, Jun 23, 2021 @ 11:59 pm Reply

    There is a different question, “What definite policies SHOULD the government adopt in order to prevent the third wave?”
    Answers are welcome. Plz comment your suggestions.

  • P. Kolandasamy, Puducherry, Jun 20, 2021 @ 5:39 am Reply

    It is very essential to prevent the spread of the virus by positive means. People to live naturally. We have to eat traditional food to increase immunity and to perform the exercise. Avoid crowd, always wear a mask. Personal & public hygiene is important. Be optimistic: ignore rumors.

    • Nikita sonI, Dec 12, 2021 @ 12:22 pm Reply

      according to me If we are ready to care about us and our family . We are keeping regular exercise and eating healthy food and drink boil water every day. So we can increase our immunity and we should follow covid appropriate behavior by wearing masks and social distance etc
      So canclution is that we are ready for 3rd wave if 3rd wave comes we fight with covid 3rd wave
      Thank you

  • Mouli Achanta, Jun 16, 2021 @ 5:47 pm Reply

    Adding a point to the discussion, self-awareness about vaccinations should be created even now they are many people have meth about vaccine effects. Vaccine production should be increased and import of vaccine have to be scaled up to meet the demand of India, Moreover, the research on vaccine availability for all range people like infants, toddlers, children’s should be in Fastrack.
    We have to maintain the precautions even after vaccinated, to keep others safe.

  • Mora Ramireddy, Jun 5, 2021 @ 6:05 pm Reply

    No. Because in our country have no sufficient health care centers and doctors and governments also were not taking strong measures before coming the pandemic. We are all seeing about second wave in the mid of second wave the central government conducted elections and they did not concentrate on pandemic.. So people’s and government together take srong measures for upcoming third wave hereafter. It is especially for the children’s so children don’t have lot off immunity power so it’s will become chances for more deaths… So government should take strong measures on pandemic third wave and provide vaccine for every person in these 2 months. Otherwise we will face many problem then second wave..

  • Bishnu Poudel, Jun 1, 2021 @ 9:39 pm Reply

    1. Regular exercise, healthy diets also play a vital role regarding Covid 19. It only not improve our immune system, along with it, it helps to make better our psychological process also.

  • Nitesh mehra, Jun 1, 2021 @ 5:23 pm Reply

    Yes! We can prevent from the third wave of Corona pandemic.for that it seems that third wave can hit the Children specially, so the hospitals that doesn’t have more facilities like bed and oxygen gas,they should maintain themselves for it and also be prepared for 3rd wave.If we will have all the basic facilities we can easily won this fight against Corona virus.

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