Democracy in India – Success :-

  • India is the world’s largest democracy. India is staying as one unit despite having vast no of cultures, languages and religions. This is possible because of the democracy in India. Everyone is satisfied because they have a say in their country’s future. Keeping a country together is not that easy. Many countries are lost in the battle of separatist politics. For example, recently Britain is exited from United Kingdom. But India managed to keep itself as one entity. By this we can say that democracy in India is a success.
  • Democracy is the starting point of any society’s growth. From the day of Independence, India has come a long way. Now, everyone have a say in country’s development. Minorities and disadvantaged sections are represented in parliament which enabled inclusive growth.
  • When India got independence, its economy is in shambles. Extreme poverty, unemployment, food insecurity were the major problems before Indian government. But India’s democratic constitution successfully balanced development and welfare of the country. Now, India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.
  • India is successfully conducting regular elections which is a sign of successful democracy.
  • In India, the actual power is in the hands of citizens because if people do not like the governance of ruling party, they can overthrow it.

Democracy in India – Failure :-

  • Though India has a democratic constitution, in reality the power is in the hands of politicians, bureaucracy, rich and powerful. In many cases, people have no choice but to accept the decisions of ruling government. For example, from many years people are fighting against the installation of nuclear plants, but still government is making deals with other countries to establish nuclear power plants. And all the people that are forced to leave their lands for development projects are poor people. These power balances question the very nature of democracy in India.
  • Though people have the power of vote, many politicians are manipulating people in the name of caste, freebies and welfare schemes.
  • The rise in crimes and violence in India is a sign of failure of democracy. In other forms of governments, punishments for criminals is quick and severe.
  • Getting justice is not at all easy in India. Many cases are pending in courts for years. Victims are forced to suffer again by visiting courts many times if not throughout their lifetime. We couldn’t improve the situation with our democratic constitution.
  • In India, rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer. This do not happen in a democratic country.
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Conclusion :-

Indian citizens protest if they are against the decisions of government. People are expressing their views when government makes a new law or alters an existing law. This is a sign of success of democracy in India because people have a say in country’s politics. Though there are some loopholes, people and government together are working towards deepening democracy in India.

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