Union Budget 2017-18 – Is it beneficial for the common man?


What is Union Budget :-

  • Union Budget is the annual report of India’s finances for the financial year.
  • Till 2016, Union budget was presented on the last working day of February. From 2017, it is being presented on February 1st,
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Unique identification number for every Indian



  • The idea behind the unique identification number was to assign each individual a unique 12 digit number which will help to identify the individual uniquely.
  • The objective was to attach all the biometric and demographic data of an individual
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Should India be given a permanent seat in UNSC?


In Favor :-

  • India is the largest democracy in the world, one of the largest economies, one of the largest contributors of the United Nations peacekeeping forces.
  • India has stronger economy than Russia, which is a permanent member of Security
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