4 years of Modi government

4 years of Modi government

Update :- Here is the updated article – 5 years of Modi government.

Theme :-

  • After 4 years, Modi government faced no-confidence motion and won it with the support of 325 votes, whereas no-confidence motion got 126 votes.

Things that deserve applause :-

  • Implementing Goods & Services Tax (GST) is the biggest step for any government. Previous governments didn’t take the risk, but Modi government did it.
  • The process of starting a business and maintaining it was cumbersome till recently due to the number of applicants it involved and the number of offices one has to visit. Modi government did major changes in this. Now anyone can start a business easily. India has improved it’s ranking in ‘Ease of doing business‘ under Modi rule.
  • Numerous visits of Modi to other countries faced a lot of criticism. However he could able to improve India’s relations with other countries.
  • Many people gave up subsidies voluntereely upon the announcement of Prime Minister. This eases the burden on economy and works towards inclusive growth.
  • By April 2018, all villages of India are electrified. Though not all houses are electrified, providing access to electricity for all villages is an achievement. The next step to electrify all houses is easier because they have access to electricity.
  • Through ‘Startup India – Standup India‘ program, situation of startups and their founders have improved significantly.
  • Despite implementing biggest change of tax reform (GST), inflation was kept under control.
  • Though there are fluctuations in the inflow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), it was increased significantly.
  • Highway construction is now at a fast pace, which is a big advantage to trade, transport and thereby to Indian economy.
  • Though ‘Swachch Bharath’ was not that successful as it was intended to, it raised the important issue of cleanliness in India.
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Valid points of opposition :-

  • Minorities are at threat because of some Hindu groups. In the name of cow vigilantism, culture, Love Jihad, they are killing and harassing innocent people. And the sad part is that government didn’t take any strict action on this till now.
  • International crude oil prices fell to $40 per barrel in 2015. It was approx $112 per barrel in 2014. From 2015, crude oil prices rates are low. But Modi government didn’t transfer the benefits to people. Fuel prices in India are increasing due to the heavy taxes. Petrol and diesel weren’t brought under GST.
  • Banks are trapped in NPAs and need recapitalization. But government is not taking any big step in this direction. Small investments are just like a temporary relief will not solve the problem.
  • Demonetization move is failed and also caused suffering and trauma for common people. It became another burden on our economy.
  • Though ‘Jan Dhan Yojana’ was started with a noble initiative of opening bank account for everyone in India, this scheme was neglected by government roughly after a year. Now there are many people who are forced to travel to nearby areas to withdraw money that was transferred to their accounts under Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT).
  • ‘Mudra Yojana’ that assured easier loans is not successful because many banks are asking collateral for granting loan which kills the very spirit of the scheme because it promised to loans to those who cannot provide collateral.
  • Newly divided state Andhra Pradesh is not happy with the NDA government because it couldn’t keep the promise of giving special status to AP, instead it gave special package.
  • Modi government couldn’t keep the promise of increasing employment opportunities.

Conclusion :-

Modi government is an active government unlike previous ones. It took big steps and drew the attention of International media too. However, it is also facing so much criticism on it’s lenient attitude towards the majoritarian politics. People chose Modi government again in 2019’s general elections, which reveals that people have trust in the the government. 

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  1. The idea of doing betterment of the society to increasing India share to GDP and making it the 6 powerful country in the world . India became the fastest growing developing country in the world just because of modi government.

  2. Modi doesn’t give the special status and the promised special package too,he has given 1 out of 50 that he promised. since mr.naidu is clever is hes managing by bonds, loans etc and kerala flood hit areas are funded with just 600 cr where as his promotion for the 4 years was 3500cr and 3000cr for sardar statue of unity and 3500cr for shivaji statue in mahaastra. this shows his concern for the people in NON BJP states.

  3. I think modi government is working good for india but some leaders of nda spread negativity in socity which destry image of modi.

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