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democracy in india – success or failure

Democracy in India – Success or Failure?

Democracy in India – Success :-
  • India is the world’s largest democracy. India is staying as one unit despite having vast no of cultures, languages and religions. This is possible because of the democracy in India. Everyone is satisfied …
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social media – impact on human behaviour and society

Social Media – Impact on human behavior and society

Difference between Social media & Social networks :- Many students are confusing Social media with Social networks, because these terms are used interchangeably. And hence a few students are taking about social networks when the GD topic is about social …
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India-US relations – Trump

India-US relations – Impact of Trump

Theme :-
  • 2+2 dialogues (meeting of Defence and External Affairs ministers of both countries), which were scheduled to be held on July 6th was postponed by USA. This is the third time this talks are postponed. Hence this announcement …
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