Reasons :-

  • Lack of moral education in society is the main cause of sexual violence.
  • The society’s attitude towards molestation is changing but still many people think it’s the girl’s responsibility to protect herself and it’s okay for men to molest women, who are not following society’s standards of clothing and independence.
  • There is punishment for rape and molestation, but accused persons in molestation cases are hardly punished. Long time taking by the judicial system also acting in favor to accused. There is no fear in molesters that they will punished for their crime.
  • Most of the molestation victims stay silent because society associates the incident with the prestige of their family. And society never lets the victim forget about the incident. To avoid further worsening of their situation, victims are staying silent. This is inturn encouraging molesters.
  • Orthodox people are not accepting women empowerment and committing crimes to reverse the progressive conditions.
  • Indian education system is not giving due importance to teach moral values to students.
  • Increasing usage of alcohol and drugs provokes violence.
  • Children who are raised in severely troubled families most likely become molesters.

Facts :-

  • Even though the incidents of molestation were reported in India since many years but there is an increase in reporting of rape and molestation crimes.

What India is doing :-

  • The Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance, 2013 deals with molestation, stalking and other such kind of harassment including rape.
  • Women police stations were established through out India. This encourages victims to report the crimes.
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What more needs to be done :-

  • Extensive gender sensitization programs should be conducted.
  • Self-defense training should be implemented at school level as part of the education for girls.
  • Sex education should be made compulsory for students.
  • More police should be seen on streets, so that fear will be instilled in criminals.
  • CC cameras must be made compulsory on streets and especially in isolated places.
  • Safety should be provided for those who report the crime.

Conclusion :-

Molestation is not like a physical violence, which can be healed over time. Sexual abuse tears the soul of victim. Molestation is prevalent not just in India, but in the entire world. Awareness programs and pending molestation cases should be dealt on a war-footing.

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