Triple Talaq Law

triple talaq law


  • Triple Talaq Bill‘ or ‘The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act, 2019’ became law on 1st August 2019.


  • Followed by the Muslims in India, Triple talaq is a customary way of an instant divorce of a married couple where the man gets the liberty to announce the end of his marriage simply by orating ‘talaq’ thrice to his wife.
  • As more and more women suffered due to this unfair practice, thousands took to the streets and started their personal riots in the support of article 14 of the Indian constitution in the support of the right of equality. Shayara Banu Case (2016) strengthened their attempt to quote triple talaq as unconstitutional.
  • With the other Islamic countries like Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq happen to have banned the concept of triple talaq, led the Indian government to start the triple talaq bill. The women activists have been successful with the fine attempt of ending such a biased divorce agreement.

In Favor:

  • Instant talaq questions human rights and gender equality the constitution of India promises to offer.
  • Many women suffered due to the unfair practice. Many times, when the wife is given instant talaq by her husband, she and her children were not given money to live. She will be left alone without any money at hand. This law protects women and prevents such incidents. By this law, women and her children can get maintenance allowance from her husband.
  • After making this law, triple talaq cases have drastically reduced.


  • Before making the amendments, the government didn’t consult the All India Muslim Personal Law Board – an organisation which looks into all the matters related to the Muslim community in India. The board argues that the law doesn’t speak of the consequences.
  • Like every coin has two sides, Triple talaq bill offers the right to gender equality to all the Muslim wives but on the other hand, leads to the prosecution of the husband in each and every case registered even by his wife’s blood relative without her official consent.  There is a possibility of false cases. As the offence is non-bailable, Muslim men have been completely hesitant about the passage of this bill as it doesn’t just put them in a difficult situation but also snatches their shield to freedom and justice.
  • If the accused is given three years imprisonment, he may not give maintenance allowance to the victim and her children. In such cases, it is the responsibility of the government to provide financial assistance to the victim. But that is not provided in this law.
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Triple talaq is a divorce customary followed by the Muslim community offers huge disadvantages towards to growth and development of the women society. Sadly, Triple talaq law has not met the expectations as it is now quoted to be hasty and impulsive.

Though it helps the women of our country to live freely without being controlled by their husbands anymore, the basic right to gender equality seems to have been snatched away from Muslim males. This harassment of males would lead directly towards the alienation from their own community. The law must, therefore, be amended considering both the genders as equal in the eyes of law. Whatever be the decision, the entire country awaits not just the ban of triple talaq but also having the correct law.

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  1. Triple Talaq the word it is very bad for Muslim women, and Muslim man they enjoy it. For long time like 10 years they are staying together and may be they have children after that man suddenly he has decided he does not want to stay with his wife because he has some relationship with another woman so he wants to enjoy his life , his wife has to suffer . Triple Talaq bill is very good for women at least they will get chance to fight legally, and get compensation. She will not be able to change his husband’s mind not only Muslim women any religion woman cannot. So triple Talaq bill is very good.

  2. In my opinion its high time that we pave way of this ill practice completely out of our nation . When the countries with major Muslim population are against it , then why are we punishing our women . And secondly when marriage is concluded with both of man’s and woman’s agreement same should apply at the time of divorce. Mere words can’t be taken into consideration…’s completely wrong both- constitutionally and ethically .

  3. In my opinion triple talak should be pass because from this the lady is suffering a lot she face many problems and all power in the man hand so it is necessary for that the bill should be pass. Now everybody say that we are live in a freedom country but the muslim lady is not take her proper right and freedom. Every body want to live life according to their desire.

    1. I agree with you. Off course every citizen have right of indepence.No one can snatch their right. I think it is one of good job of indian government

  4. Triple talak real procedure is, say it once and wait for some months, look whether husband and wife can comprise. if not again say it once and wait for some months for them to find ways to stay together. Atlast if they are not at ready to live together. Last time you say.
    Triple talak was used as a discretionary power by a Muslim ruler Omar. In state when the husband wife is not in the situation to live together.
    Last Prophet Muhammad would never allowed this triple talak. Talak is very cruel word in front of Allah, and it shook, when married couple say it.

    Please don’t think this evil practice as a Muslim tradition, its just a way some people started to exploit the divine relationship. I am happy its over.

  5. First of all triple talak is not a proper divorce according to Islam. Second a Hindu bhai is doing great job opposing it.

  6. Triple Tala has long been a subject of years for many reasons. It has always put down the dignity and status of Muslim women. There had been various amendments, rules which tried to curb this longtime practice. The Government of India under Shri. Narendra Modi. But unfortunately it was done without the consent of Muslims committee. So there has been widespread outcry against the newly formed law. In the end, to remove this nuisance, there has been a mark of understanding among the different committes in order to sort out the misunderstanding. Finally, a conclusion can be reached which will be of much greater productivity.

    Thank u for letting me post my opinion in this..

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