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Here is the list of the latest Group Discussion Topics with answers. These are the top 10 GD topics of 2019. These are the topics that are based on important issues of 2019 and will be trending GD topics in 2019. This list will be updated whenever there are new important issues. So, do not forget to bookmark it. :)

  1. Abrogation of Article 370
  2. Bifurcation of Jammu & Kashmir
  3. #MeToo – GD Topic
  4. India’s fight against Terrorism | Pulwama terror attacks
  5. Should reservations be based on economic status?
  6. Will artificial intelligence take away jobs?
  7. Mob lynchings in India
  8. Jet Airways Crisis
  9. Big Data and Information Privacy – A future challenge
  10. Is India ready for 5G?

There are many more important GD Topics that will be trending in 2019. To read answers to more GD topics, visit – Group Discussion Topics with Answers

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