In Favor :-

  • Some of the personal laws do not follow gender equality and are discriminatory to women. Uniform Civil Code (UCC) can solve this issue.
  • With UCC, India can be stated as truly secular country.
  • It will eliminate differential treatment to different religions from government.
  • Instead of fighting over particular issues like inheritance, marital separation, child care responsibilities in personal laws, through UCC, government can ensure gender equality, protection of socially disadvntaged sections etc.

Against :-

  • Since beginning India provided the freedom to follow religion to its citizens. India remained secular because people of all religions feel safe in India. But with UCC, this peace may be threatened. Majoritarians views may impose on minorities’ personal laws.
  • With UCC, Hindus may be deprived of the taxation benefits for an undivided family.
  • Taking advantage of the code which states equal share of property after marriage, people can opt the option of marriage to get money.
  • According to Indian constitution, any law enacted in violation of a religious order will indirectly be a breach of the Fundamental Right of Freedom to Practice Any Religion. So, there will be a conflict of laws.
  • In a diverse country like India, homogenization may not be suitable and may threaten the continuity of distinct cutures.

Conclusion :-

Though the concept of Uniform civil code is good, it may be very difficult to implement considering the opposition from all communities. Instead of trying to force ”one india one law” on all religions, it is much better to impose changes in personal laws that are outdated and are derogatory to any section of people.

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  • Akhila, Aug 17, 2022 @ 2:55 pm Reply

    Before ” in favour ” & “against”
    Please provide information about that topic that to know wt that topic is about

    • Team GD Ideas, Aug 17, 2022 @ 3:04 pm Reply

      Sure Akhila. Thank you for the feedback. :)

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