Should Marijuana be legalized in India?



  • The Indian government banned psychotropic substances such as cannabis, marijuana etc through ‘The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act’ (NDPS), 1985.
  • In 2020, after many celebrities are interrogated about drug usage, several people are suggesting to legalize marijuana.
  • Earlier in 2017, Maneka Gandhi has also recommended legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.

What is Marijuana:

  • Marijuana is a mixture of dried leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. It is used in several ways. Some people use it for medical purposes. Some others use it to get high.
  • The Indian government banned marijuana due to drug abuse.

Yes – Marijuana should be legalized in India:

  • Marijuana can be used for medical purposes, such as reducing side effects of cancer treatment, in treating epilepsy etc.
  • It can also be used as a painkiller and a stress reliever. If it is legalized, common people can use marijuana as an alternative to expensive medicines.
  • As marijuana is illegal in India, some people are taking alternative drugs that are dangerous such as cocaine, heroin etc.
  • There is no threat to life by overdose of marijuana. Hence it is a safer alternative to alcohol and tobacco.
  • Tobacco is very dangerous to health, but it is legal in India. So, it is not reasonable to make marijuana illegal.
  • Through legalizing marijuana, taxes on it will be one more source of revenue for the Indian government.
  • Illegal trade of marijuana will be eliminated.

No – Marijuana should not be legalized in India:

  • If minors consume marijuana, it affects their brain development.
  • Marijuana affects judgmental abilities because it has a mind-altering chemical. And hence people will get high after consuming it. This can lead to more crimes and road accidents.
  • If it is legalized, it will be available in abundance. Hence more people will use marijuana.
  • People that use marijuana will get psychologically addicted to it.
  • Negative health effects of smoking marijuana are more severe than taking it orally. If it is legalized, people may use it to smoke.
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Considering medical purposes and the availability of marijuana in illegal ways, there is a need to revisit the law banning marijuana and cannabis. But it is very important to take steps in preventing their misuse.

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  1. i feel marijuana should be legalised but preventive measures should be taken such as distribution in controlled quantity and only for medical purposes and for the old age people who are suffering from arthiritis , cancer or any other painful ailments.
    in my opinion , the government should follow the footsteps of european union and take their examples and survey in several places in india where the weed culture ia already dominant and make a team to take consultation about merits or demerits of legalising it.
    as cannabis is helpful to patients who are suffering from PTSD can get better treatment from it

  2. in my opinion, marijuana should be legalized as its medicinal use is very beneficiary as it will reduce the side effects of cancer treatment and its use in epilepsy etc. but it should come under some proper laws such as no retailer must not sell it without prescription of a doctor and not every retailer must sell it, i.e.prohibition on its use as people can use it to get high. Only those pharmacy which are affiliated with a doctor or a hospital where patient requires marijuana drug must sell it after verifying the prescription.

  3. Yes. Marijuana may be legalized. If public like it, after creating proper awareness on ill-effects of marijuana, it may be considered.

  4. i do agree with you . but banning it competly would not be right as these drugs have various medical healing powers . yes we can reduce the amount of tobacco consumption because these days even the kids have got addicted to it and have started using it from a very young age. we can tell the world to reduce the amount but we cant tell the world to stop the consumption .

  5. No I think marijuana should not be legalized even I think that tobacco and other harmful substances should also be banned in India because at present our youth got addicted to these highly toxic materials and if we are aiming a better India that can lead the world we should follow the path proposed by Mahatma Gandhi

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