Should India accept Rohingya refugees?

Rohingya Refugee

Background :-

  • The persecuted minority community-Rohingya, of the western part of Rakine state in Mayanmar is undergoing inhumane activities of the Burmese government till date.
  • To survive, the Rohingya are on fleet to the Southeast Asian countries. The Rohingya refugee crisis has been in currently in news, which is the mass migration of the Rohingyas of Myanmar to its neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Bangladesh and also India.

In Favor :-

  • Accepting refugees escaping from death situations is surely an act of humanity. Rohingya people have been treated brutally by the Burmese government due to racism. Being a neighboring country, we should be accepting those people who are in deep distress.
  • Acceptance of the Rohingyas will definitely throw a good impression of hospitality of our country to the foreign land. This will improve India’s chances to secure permanent membership in United Nations Security Council (UNSC).
  • Rohingyas has their own set of ethnicity and culture. By accepting them, we will just be adding more culture to the already-vast culture of India.
  • Apart from the benefits of providing shelter to the refugees, giving them Indian citizenship would mean that our country will have more man-power which will help in the development of our own society.
  • India has always been kind to refugees. Hence, the same spirit should be continued in the case of Rohingya community.
  • Letting the Rohingya go back to the place where they do not get recognition means more loss of human lives, and at a greater extent. The population of the Rohingya is 1.1 million, and if the violence and torture continues on them, then there will be no person left from the community.
  • The violence in Rakhine state is affecting India’s “Kaladan Multi-modal Transit Transport” project, which is started to develop transport infrastructure in south-west Myanmar and India’s Northeast. To avoid this, India should take steps to stop violence in Rakhine.
  • Myanmar was a part of British India. So, Rohingyas are originally Indians at one point. Hence, they should be welcomed to India.
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Against :-

  • Allowing refugees is a potential security threat to any country. Refugees can be an easy prey to terrorists. They may take advantage of the situation and may carryout illegal activities using refugees.
  • Stand on Rohingya crisis will impact diplomatic relations of India with Myanmar.
  • India is the second most populous country in the world. It is already difficult for Indian government to provide food security and the basic necessities to all the people of India. Adding more burden to this will worsen the situation.
  • Accommodating refugees will cause resettling of some Indians. Indian government tried to give shelter to Rohingyas by resettling some in Jammu region. This may not be the right step and will cause distress in the resettled Indians.

Conclusion :-

Living a decent lifestyle in this twentieth century is yet a thought to the Rohingya people. The racism of Buddhism over the minority Muslims on the Rohingya community can be diminished only by international pressure, at a greater extent on the Burmese government. There is a need for long-term solution to the problem. Till then, India along with other neighboring countries of Mayanmar should help Rohingya community to survive and to live a decent life, without compromising on national security.

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  1. What we can do is we can provide them temporary shelters in a particular area in a decent way where only rohingyas will live, schools will be there for education , rations will be provided and full scrutiny of the area and quality education by our security forces, till that with international pressure we will make a way for them back to mayanmar and if no olution will come within 2-3 years then we have to depot them back to mayanmar and let the UN handle this

  2. India must give a hand to rohingya people because they need the food,shelter and security it will be a good example for humanity…
    after the step India gives a right treatment to Myanmar for this issue…..

  3. Allowing Rohingya people in India is a very good step, as giving shelter to them is helpful for them to survive. As per national security and susceptibility to food crisis, we have to be very pre planned. If they start earning, it is a plus to our national income.

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