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  • Political leaders of Bihar have been demanding for ‘special category status’ for their state from a long time.

Should Bihar be given Special category status?

Before coming to a decision let us look at the factors due to which a state is granted a special category status:

  • Economic and Infrastructural Backwardness.
  • Non-viable state finances.
  • Low population density/ Presence of sizeable tribal population.
  • Strategic location along international borders.
  • Hilly and difficult terrain.

Let’s compare Bihar with the above parameters now:

  • River Ganga flows through Bihar dividing the state into North Bihar and South Bihar. Part of the northern fertile plain lies in Bihar too with Ganga’s tributaries providing proper water supply.
  • It is a landlocked state and shares its borders only with Indian states.
  • Scheduled Tribes constitute only 1.28% of the total population. And the population density of Bihar is quite high.
  • Bihar state GDP is ranked 8th out of 29 states.
  • Bihar is a natural resource-rich country. There are several PSUs as well as private sector industries in Bihar. Its GDP is proof of it.

Conclusion :-

When we compare the state of Bihar with the states who have special category status, we can see the conditions, resources are much better than those states. There is no kind of militancy too. Hence according to the criteria, Bihar should not be given special status.

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  • Atul kumar, Sep 9, 2020 @ 11:36 am Reply

    I think bihar is backward due to lots of corruption in society . people had to change their mindset and political leaders of bihar are not good they fool the bihari because most of the population are illiterate .lack of education,self awareness are the major cause s of backwardness of state. Politics play important role they are not providing equal opportunity to any people.they promote only single background of people who make them win and play bloddy politics of casteism.

  • sudhir yadav, Nov 27, 2019 @ 8:21 pm Reply

    bihar should be given the special status needs more deep analysis .But i have disagreement on some of your points.
    1. though river ganga flows through the middle it does not make any difference to the people living in the south bihar. as most of the population depends upon agriculture for which they have to depend upon rain drought like condition are experienced each year. leading to low productivity and crop loss.
    2. According to the Bihar Economic Survey, with a per capita income of Rs 26,801 in 2015-16, Bihar ranked the lowest among all states.
    3. though bihar is a land locked state it share international border with Nepal.

  • Tinku Paul, May 29, 2019 @ 7:13 am Reply

    According to me Bihar should not be given special status because of in Bihar tribal communities population are not very high. Bihar economic status is not very low . Nowadays most of the children taking their education as a result they are getting the job and getting good remuneration , many peoples they are going to outside state for their work purpose so Bihar should not given special status

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