• The ‘Population Control Bill‘ (Population Regulation Bill) was introduced in Rajya Sabha in the year 2019.

What is Population Control Bill:

  • This bill recommends incentives in government jobs, subsidies and extra benefits under the public distribution system for those with two or fewer children. Other people will be denied these benefits. Moreover, they will not have a chance to become elected representatives.

Pros of Population Control Bill:

  • Incentivizing small families can motivate people to have fewer children and thus can control the population. According to United Nations projections, India may surpass China’s population by 2027. So, this law can help in buying time.
  • This bill applies to everyone including policymakers. So, everyone will follow the rule instead of just common people.

Cons of Population Control Bill:

  • Still, many families in India want a male child. So, denying government benefits to families with more than two children can result in more sex-selective abortions. China also witnessed increased female foeticide incidents during the time of the one-child policy. So, that may happen in India too.
  • In India, many women do not have a say in family matters even now. So, with this law, they may even lose control over their body because the male head of the family may control the women’s bodies to avail government benefits.
  • It is proved that the educated couples are giving birth to fewer children. So, increasing the allocation of resources to education, awareness of family planning, better healthcare facilities and the easy availability of contraceptives is very much important than passing the population control bill.
  • Lack of awareness and lack of availability of contraceptives result in more children. So, punishing the people with no awareness will be the mistake of the government.
  • Most of the people with more than three children are poor people. So, denying subsidies and benefits of government schemes will push them into more poverty and may result in hunger deaths.
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The population control bill will have more negative consequences than positive ones if it is implemented. So, it’s better to work on improving literacy levels, healthcare services and the availability of contraceptives instead of making this bill into law.

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  • Naveen SIngh, Sep 6, 2021 @ 2:54 pm Reply

    I think Population Control will be not much effective , because mostly people who have more than 2 children are the poor people , who reproduce for the support of living . They have this believe that if they have more manpower they will be able to earn more . If this type of Population bill comes into effect ,Then it will be more harm than good for these people . Coming to solution , Educating and Awareness among the people is the Key Way to decrease our population . We should create awareness in India that what will happen if Population increases more than it is desired . There are various Problem which we might face due to increase population like , Lack of employment , Lack of Natural Resources , Lack of Food to eat , Lack of Peace etc etc . It is ultimate important to control population and onle educated couple can do this

  • Mouli Achanta, Jul 20, 2021 @ 9:29 am Reply

    I do agree with the points discussed above but comparing with the china Indian population bill is differs in terms of having a child it is for two or one but in china, it was one or none so that is impacting the current situation and they came up with new law to have two children’s.
    However people in china are adapted to the last policy, now it may affect their family planning, purchasing power, ability to handle long family.
    In current scenarios in India majority of people are going to one or two and they are not exceeding that, of course in some places of India are different.
    If a couple knows their stand of living and their affordability based on that they can plan their family.
    India is a growing economy with growing equality in all working sectors India is providing equal jobs irrespective of gender.
    The education is to provide on girl education and benefits. then sex-selective abortions will be reduced.

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