National Register of Citizens – Merits & Demerits

national register of citizens - pros & cons

What is the National Register of Citizens?

  • National Register of Citizens (NRC)‘ is a record of names of all genuine citizens of India in the state of Assam. It was first prepared after the 1951 Census of India.
  • The NRC is now being updated to include the names of citizens of India or their decedents whose name appears in the NRC,1951 or in any of the electoral rolls till 24 March 1971 or in any one of the other admissible documents issued up to midnight of 24 March 1971, which would prove their presence in Assam or in any part of India on or before 24 March 1971.
  • The purpose of NRC is to identify illegal immigrants who migrated to India on or after 24 March 1971 and to verify the ‘D-Voters’ who have applied for inclusion of their names in the NRC.

Merits :-

  • India has already become a resource-scarce country. We are unable to deliver the basic necessities to the genuine Indian citizens, and a large number of additional immigrants will further worsen the conditions. The efficient NRC will help us in identifying the illegal immigrants and some steps can be taken for their deportation.
  • Curbing their voting rights can be beneficial to us. As it will avoid the illegal immigrants from swinging elections in favour of those who promise them legitimacy.
  • Will send a strong message that illegal immigrants are not welcome here.

Demerits :-

  • The present process lacks impartiality, transparency and equality. Updating or maintaining an NRC with such a huge population, and that too people with less income and low literacy is a very tedious task. And all efforts should be made to minimize injustice to anyone.
  • The NRC body and the Foreign Tribunals in Assam are functioning behind the curtains and its functioning is clearly signalling towards ruling party’s agenda of getting rid of Minorities. Earlier retired judges were carefully selected for Foreign Tribunals but now any lawyer who is above 50 on 25 April 2015 and has 10 years of experience can volunteer for FT and gets a seat. Various online sources have reported that the FT is full of people sharing ruling party’s ideology and are asked to perform well.
  • This ‘performance pressure’ has led to bad justice. People are tired of showing their documents, proving their identities but the FT is never satisfied. Minor clerical mistakes have resulted in the listing of Indian citizens as Foreigners. At times FT has gone beyond scope of its power and ordered arrest, detention, revoked ration cards etc. thus, troubling a poor Indian.
  • Increased feeling of alienation in the Muslims and animosity in orthodox Hindus, leading to communal unrest which is already on the rise since the BJP came to power.
  • The government is ready to exempt illegal Hindu immigrants, leading to unequal treatment.
  • If this continues India will soon lose its credibility on the international forum while voicing against China and Pakistan as both the countries follow the same ideology of exploitation and polarization of minorities and India will soon join their league.
  • With the faltering mechanism, these already poor and helpless genuine Indians will lose their right to work, to healthcare and education, and housing.

Conclusion :-

We exactly don’t know what was government thinking when it thought of this step. What will the government do with these illegal immigrants? Will it keep them in detention centres? Or will it send them to Bangladesh?

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Bangladesh will certainly not accept them as it has already told India that there has been no illegal immigration since 1971. So, will these people spend the rest of their lives in detention centres? What will their children do? Do they not have the claim to Indian citizenship? Will the government start splitting families?

The world is already viewing this step as against the Muslims and government’s Citizenship Amendment Bill guarantees citizenship to illegal migrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh who are Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain or Parsi but excludes those who are Muslim, will further reinforce their beliefs. Thus, making India a very different country than what it and ideologies were.

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  1. The Indian govt should immediately implement the NRC throughout India for the interest of Indians. Illegal immigration should be stopped to curb terrorism.

  2. First of all, I would like to state that it seems that the given discussion got shifted from the topic of NRC to the government’s ideology.
    Secondly, the context of mentioning the word orthodox hindu, I dont know wheather there is this type of classification in other religions too, like unorthodox or orthodox muslims.
    And talking about CAA, the government is not taking anything away from indian muslims rather giving something to the indian minorities who are there in the above mentioned islamic dominant countries, where there is no option for them to either continue following their religion peacefully or get killed, unlike our nation which is secular plus provides equality of status and opportunity irrespective of religion.

  3. So in my opinion if India is claiming that after proper implementation of NRC it will deport the illegal migrants EXCLUDING HINDUS , because India is facing scarcity of the resources and is not able to provide adequate govt. schemes to genuine Indian people , so how can they provide those schemes and benefits to the people coming from aforesaid countries like Afghanistan , Pakistan and Bangladesh and that too again excluding muslims . As we have already seen the declining GDP in our country and unemployment rate is at its peak,so we cant afford to let more people migrated in our country .
    On the other side , the reason why Indian govt. excluded muslim people from this special provision coming to India as migrants is that as countries like(Afgh, Paki,Bangladesh) are already a muslim majority countries so if we allow them to welcome as well in our country at a faster rate as (6years of residing- minimum criteria) for citizenship then it will be difficult for the indian govt. to handle that much of burden of so many immigrants , so i reckon that is the reason why they have have excluded muslim community from CAA
    That is my opinion , don’t take it personal.
    Thank you
    Have a good day 🙂

  4. Those people who are not identified as Indian citizen should be send back to there countries, as population of India is already second largest in the world and it very difficult to give employement in such a case so those illigal migrants should be send back to there home.

  5. Hi viewers , I would like to share some important issue . Before sharing my thoughts I want to request to all don’t get it personal.
    Well, According to my own view I wanna say that the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi going to take a big stimulating step .It has some merits those are:-
    1) We all know that there are two biggest problems in India those are Unemployment and Foreign penetrations.
    2)we all know if this step is implemented I think two problems will be decreased.
    3) Unemployment decreasing our country’s economical rate in day by day.That’s why India can’t developing rapidly.
    4) Foreign penetrations for this problem the population of India is going to be increased in day by day .this way we can’t calculate properly.
    5) There are many antisocial persons those are coming from any other countries and they making our society is violence . That’s why peace of our society is going to be lost.
    6) If this big step is implement we can count of original people of our India.Those were born and brought up here.
    Well, I don’t wanna extend my speech more Thank you.And I wish better luck for everyone.

  6. I agree that the immigrants should not allow to be extra burden on india…. My opinion is that Indian government should deport them so Genuine citizen of India will get benefits of govt schemes ,govt. Can handle them easily and after deporting those immigrants govt. Can help that country financially for better future of those immigrants.

    1. at particular moment indias gdp has been to the lowest in 6yrs. sl how can u think that we can donate funds when we are ourselves facing low gdp

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