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Theme :-

  • On 23rd July 2018, Indian government appointed two high-level committees to suggest legal framework to deal with the mob lynching incidents.
  • Starting from 2015 mob lynching incident, these kind of crimes are happening frequently. Many innocents including a police officer and a mentally challenged woman were killed in these incidents.

What is Mob lynching :-

  • The incident of a mob (group of people) attacking a person or few persons is called as mob lynching.

Causes of increasing mob lynching incidents :-

  • Main reason is the lack of fear about the consequences. Everyone in the group who commit the crime thinks that they can get away with the crime. Ineffective investigation by police officials and the ineffective justice system are the reason for this lack of fear.
  • Indirect support from government is another reason. Most of the mob lynching incidents are because of cow vigilantism. Several ministers publicly supported mob that killed a person over the suspicion of eating beef. And government is not taking strict action against these incidents though the crimes are happening frequently from the past three years.
  • Hate speeches of ministers on minorities is also fueling mob lynchings.
  • Lack of trust in the police system is influencing people to take law into their own hands. For example, many innocents were killed in recent mob lynching incidents over the fear of child kidnapping. This was because of a fake news of child lifters that became viral. When this news became viral, people were panicked. As they do not trust police from saving their children, they wanted to took law into their own hands. But that doesn’t justify attacking people on a mere suspicion.
  • Mob lynching incidents signals declining moral values in society.
  • In 2015 mob lynching incident, a rape accused was brutally killed by a mob. It was reported later that the victim was falsely implicated in the rape case. If we analyse the incident this indicates the lack of trust in our judiciary. A lot of cases are pending in courts for years and getting justice in Indian courts is not at all easy. This is negatively influencing people to kill the accused for instant justice.
  • Though not a direct cause, movies have a small stake in this issue. In most of the movies, lead role takes the law into his/her hands and kills the criminals. Approaching courts and getting justice is rarely shown in movies. This indirectly influences people to not care about law.

Steps taken by Indian government :-

  • In July 2018, Indian government appointed two committees to draft law on Mob lynchings.

Steps taken by public :-

  • In 2017, several people protested against mob lynchings and started “Not in my name” movement. This protest is a message to criminals of mob lynching incidents to not do the crime in my name. This is because accused persons in these crimes are justifying their actions by saying that they did it on behalf of Hindu people.
  • I support MASUKA (Manav Suraksha Kanoon)” is another movement that was started in 2017 to pressurize government to bring law on mob lynchings and suggested some measures such as life imprisonment for these criminals, making it a non-bailable offence etc.

Conclusion :-

Whatever the reason is, attacking a helpless person and killing him/her is inhumane. The chilling truth that these kind of people are living in our society is very scary. The people who are a part of this kind of mobs deserves no mercy and should be imprisoned for a lifetime. Immediate and strict punishments can only deter mob lynching incidents. The law which will come into force should be effectively implemented, otherwise it will become like Nirbhaya act and may fail in deterring the crimes.

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