Is India becoming intolerant?


Yes :-

  • Incidences of mob lynchings were increased these days in the name of unofficial beef ban. And the sad thing is that culprits are left unpunished.
  • Majoritarian politics is becoming new norm. Food habits and beliefs of the majority are imposed on the rest.
  • Earlier, it is not a crime to criticize government and the faults in country. But now criticism is labeled as Anti-Nationalism.
  • Freedom of expression is turning into double standards. Hate speech by Majority religion leaders is getting little to no criticism. But hate speech by Minority religion leaders is getting severe backlash.
  • There is a growing violence on Dalits.
  • Censorship is increasing and is violating fundamental right of freedom of expression.
  • Writers and journalists that are not supporting majoritarian politics are getting death threats.
  • People are turning into overly sensitive. Several movies had to cut scenes because some people find it offensive to their caste, region or religion.

No :-

  • Many religions and different cultures are co-existing peacefully in India, which is quite surprising to the rest of the world. India is the best example for religious co-existence. If there is intolerance, this wouldn’t be possible.
  • There is always little intolerance and religious clashes in society.
  • Average Indian citizens are friendly with each other despite their religious differences. It’s because of some political leaders, who try to create conflicts among religions for their selfish benefits of vote politics, India is appearing as intolerant.
  • Media hype everything to get views and money. Media created panic among minority people and hence created a feeling of growing intolerance in India.

Conclusion :-

Though average Indian isn’t becoming intolerant, we can surely say that majoritarian politics are increasing and posing a serious threat to our nation. Severe action must be taken against the political leaders and people that incite violence in the name of cow vigilantism, nationalism etc. Only then everyone feels safe despite their caste and religion.

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  1. India under BJP rule is as tolerant/intolerant, as it was under the UPA rule. The media was patronized by success congress governments, it is highly biased, and is airing news which are convenient to the congress party. The media enjoyed many benefits under successive congress regimes, which are not extended or are likely to be terminated by BJP Govt; like free access to ministries, land at throw away prices, memberships in various Govt committees, free foreign trips with ministers etc etc. The media is trying to ‘give the dog a bad name, before trying to kill it’. Media is serving itself in an unscrupulous manner to further their own interests. and directly harming the national interests.

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