How successful is Modi’s Mann Ki Baat campaign?


What is Mann Ki Baat :-

  • Mann ki Baat campaign started on October 3, 2014, by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi turned out to be a popular show on the Indian radio stations. This started as an initiative and grew to be popular radio show forecasted live for one hour once a month to be heard by almost 1.3 billion as the prime minister addresses the masses and encouraging them to work the benefit of the country India.

Impact of Mann Ki Baat :-

  • People from many villages write hundreds of letters to this radio station stating their problems directly to the prime minister of this country. Some of those letters are selected wherein Narendra Modi himself tried to provide a solid solution to his listener.
  • It has played a vital role in bridging the ever grown gap between the Old India and today’s new India. This is a major contribution towards Indian struggle to come under the category of Developed India. Highlighting the various issues the country is facing, matters are mainly poked representing especially the youth of the country.
  • This is one of the most successful initiatives taken by Narendra Modi, heard by 3 million population of India and spreading important messages across the country. It mainly helps in spreading important mass movements like Swacha Bharat that focusses on the cleanliness of Indian roads and public places. Apart from this, the show forecasts news on tourism, new traffic rules, student education and sanitation in public toilets etc.
  • The prime minister can now connect directly to listeners as the medium and thus has a better reach than the newspapers and media because here the people can trust the message as the prime minister himself is conveying the messages which cannot be filtered and tampered with by the media.
  • Not just within the people of the country but also outside India has started recognising this new initiative. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft was quite impressed with the idea of utilizing media that can be positively used as a platform to bring a social change in the society and within the people all over the country in no time.
  • Recently, Narendra Modi tried uplifting the employment rate especially within the lower sections of society by encouraging the sale of Khadi made products such as handkerchives, gift objects etc.
  • Demonetisation and GST have been highly complicated concepts that are often misunderstood by common society. This can now be conveyed by our prime minister helping him carry the social message loud and clear. This plays a major role in convincing the citizens and bringing them on the same page as a whole country.
  • Mann Ki Baat now has its own mobile application promoting its new topics and issues faced by the country including millions of India in a collaborative effort to come forward and express their opinions regarding the betterment of the country. This further adds to the popularity giving people access to submit their feedback and suggestions after each show.

Conclusion :-

Mann Ki Baat depicts a very simple idea where the Prime Minister himself comes forward with new laws, notions, initiatives almost every month, addressing the whole nation and grabbing their attention. This was accepted by the present generation with open hands as this sounded much more convincing than television medium. This initiative is internationally recognised and is termed as the best information delivery and in turn accelerating the enforcement of new laws with proper consent of the citizens of India.

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  1. According to me PM’s Maan ki bath program is good common people can get chance directly contact with PM. If somebody he/she has any genuine problem he will be able to send his message to the PM may be PM will solve his problem and through Maan ki bath program PM can spread his message to the school student and inspire them if any ongoing problem is there in our society PM can address directly without any media. This is good and program has got popularity common people they think they want to contact PM they can contact.

  2. Earlier people never had such opportunity to talk with their PM..But with this initiative ppl not just talk with PM even they can get about the solution of their problem. This initiative encouraged people to trust PM. There is no media intervention and no one can tamper with the verdict of PM. So Mann ki baat has to be continued. I appreciate this initiative.

  3. Yes, this initiative is recognised and is termed as the best information delivery . People have to utilize, youth may get benefit.

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