• In Union budget 2017-18, the target was set to double the farmers’ income by 2022.

Why do we need to double farmers income?

  • India is still an agriculture economy.  Agriculture employs 50% of the Indian workforce but contributes only 17-18% to the country’s GDP. Improvement in this sector would mean improvement in GDP.
  • Due to low incomes, Indian farmers are in distress. India has witnessed 5 farmers protests (large scale) in the last 2 years, with 4 of them in the year 2018 alone and suicide rates have also increased, every 30 minutes, an Indian farmer commits suicide.
  • Indebtedness among farmers is at an all-time high.

All the above problems are due to the fact that farmers haven constantly underpaid in India. For the past 45 years, the Centre’s minimum support price (MSP) of wheat has risen 19 times during this period, salaries in government jobs have increased 120-150 times. The 7th Pay Commission gives employees 108 kinds of allowances; MSP calculations include none.

What should be done?

The key motive should be to make the agricultural sector self-sufficient and wean it off government crutches.

  • Implementation of Swaminathan commission: National Commission on Farmers under the chairmanship of Prof. M.S.Swaminathan submitted a report on farmers’ distress and their solutions in October 2006. Government has failed to act on its recommendations.
  • Improved cold storage facilities: Storage facilities are mostly absent or inadequate for farmers in India, as a result, they have to sell their produce to avoid them from rotting or attack from insects and pests. Due to this hurry, they end up selling their produce to middlemen at a price which was even less than their investment.
  • Instead of providing the farmers with loan waivers, the government should provide them cash, so that it can be readily used, and if all goes well the farmer will be able to pay back the loan.
  • Educating farmers: Farmers should be made aware of the modern agricultural practices, they should be taught which crop will be suitable for them to grow according to the climate of their area, using the internet and other digital apps etc. for weather prediction and factoring other variables too.
  • FPOs: They are one of the best ways to improve the income of farmers.  According to the Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, the FPO has emerged as the “most appropriate institutional form around which to mobilise farmers and build their capacity to collectively leverage their production and marketing strength.”
  • Technology-enabled solutions: Recently, technology has also reached out to our distressed farmers. A host of apps have come into existence to free the farmers from their perils. Apps like Mandi Tradeshave brought entrepreneurs’ attention towards the agriculture sector.
  • Roping in the Corporates: Agriculture has long been a field left untouched by the private sector. Perhaps, a model can be worked out where private sector entities can provide irrigation facilities at subsidised rates to farmers, taking charge of particular regions.
  • Proper implementation of government insurance schemes.
  • Setting up organised market: In the absence of organised market and other facilities, the farmers have to depend upon middlemen to dispose off their produce ASAP after their harvest as they have to pay their debts, rents and meet other commitments. Most of the small farmers are forced to sell their produce to the local moneylenders in the village itself at whatever price is offered to them. The government needs to come up with an organized market structure for the farmers to improve their conditions.
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  • Sherin, Jan 24, 2021 @ 9:16 pm Reply

    According to me problems of farmers in Indian agricultural sector can be reduced by the help of government in many ways..for eg.when we buy 1 kg of tomato it costs about 30 rupees.but the farmers get only 3 rupees or something like the money earning people are the ones who is in between the producers and consumers.if qovt take an action to make a market favourable for farmers and give a certain price for all the products of farmers it will help them. The hardworking people must get its the farmers are working hard.right??

  • kaushal upadhyay, Dec 30, 2020 @ 2:40 pm Reply

    the government should make a proper commission under the leadership of great intellectuals of our country and some from western country .and let the comission do a full free scale reserch on this issue .

  • Shubam kumar, Jun 8, 2020 @ 7:10 pm Reply

    In my view govt should provide subsidy to farmers whichever they need to use in their fields…also helps them to increase natural calamities allowance. Every year farmers are facing natural calamities like drought,floods farmers lost their all profit of hardwork.govt should ensure it and provide them assistant in money into will help them to revive and also help to relieve from distress

  • Lokesh rajput, Feb 9, 2020 @ 3:16 am Reply

    In my opinion government can help farmers in various ways.

    1. First we have understand that earlier government encouraged the farmers to produce rice and wheat because during that time the population was increasing rapidly so there was a need of food in big amount.
    But nowadays population growth is very less so farmers should be encouraged to grow high paid crops.

    2. Government should provide subsidy on purchase of new machines.

    3. Farmers must be educated about new technologies like drip irrigation which will not only reduce the amount in growing crops but also reduce use of water.

    4. Government must provide a online mandi through which big consumers and farmers can directly attract to each other.

    5. Government has to collect data of requirements and production to adress the problem affectively.


  • Twinkle, Nov 3, 2019 @ 9:18 am Reply

    According to me, the best ways to double the income of farmers are as follows:
    1.We need to have an organized market for the farmers to sell off their yield .In the current scenario the farmer has to follow the process of first selling the production to the middlemen which reaches later to the wholesalers and then to the market, and under this process the farmer somewhere incurs losses, and lives in distress. but if a new market system is introduced by the gov it will surely help the farmers to a great extent.

    2.The installation of cold storages, will go a long way in reducing the worries of farmers regarding immediate selling of yield to the wholesaler, to escape the situation of rotten decaying vegetables that too often at low prices.

    3.The farmers should be educated by campaigns ,regarding the use of technology enabled solutions ,which they can avail to enhance the farming practices .they should be made aware of the mobile applications they can use for better agriculture and production. Indian gov should adopt the innovative techniques from other nations who are doing better in this sector ,though have less agriculture land than India.

    If these steps are adopted by the gov and with the support of our people ,we can achieve a better life for the farmers ,and will enable them to contribute more to our 2trillion$ economy soon.

  • abhoon, Jul 20, 2019 @ 3:16 pm Reply

    basically, our government is not performing well

  • Tinku Paul, Jul 16, 2019 @ 7:24 am Reply

    According to me Indian economy is depend on Agriculture and industry so agriculture plays the vital role of our economy. But farmers has to depend on the nature sometimes flood , sometimes drought so they get ruined. Nowadays Bina yojona is there . But Government has to take care of the development of farmers like special training, for develop firming, distribution of seeds , fertilizer, pesticides etc. In our country cold storage is there but it is not enough so government has to set up more cold storage then farmers produce will not damage and they will not incur loss they can keep their produce into the cold storage . Farmers they don’t get proper price because of most of the places Mandi is not there. Farmers they sale their produce to the middle man, middle man they purchase the produce and sale it to the wholesale and retail market so they make their money but farmers doesn’t get the profit not only that they incur loss because where they keep their produce it will be rotten. If government set up the Mandi then farmers can sale their produce directly in the market they will make the profit. If government take care then they will be able to increase their income. We know farmers always they work hard so they should get the benefit.

    • abhoon, Jul 20, 2019 @ 3:18 pm Reply

      nice bro

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