Does India really need more big statues?

Theme :-

  • In October 2018, Statue of unity was launched in Gujarat making it the world’s tallest statue. Rs. 3000 crores were spent to build this statue.
  • More statues in several states of India are in the plans causing debates across India about the use of public money on building statues instead of using them for useful purposes.
  • Statues that are in the plans – Statue of Chatrapathi Shivaji in Maharastra (Project cost – Rs. 2800 crores), Ram statue in Ayodhya, UP (Project cost – Rs. 330 crores), Mother Cauvery statue near Cauvery river in karnataka, Buddha statue in Gujarat.

In Favor :-

  • With statues, we can make future generations understand about the contributions made by the leaders and the importance of historical places.
  • India’s tourism sector needs to be improved a lot. These statues will help in achieving it.
  • In the long run, these statues can become revenue generating sources.
  • It will also help in creating employment opportunities.
  • If we go for a Public Private partnership (PPP) model, private companies will take care of the investment and will put effort to get returns on the investment.

Against :-

  • India has a lot of issues to deal with such as poverty, farmer suicides, lack of infrastructure etc. We need to prioritise well when we spend public money. As a developing country, it will be a wise choice to spend the money to solve the issues rather than spending them on making statues.
  • India is taking huge loans from World Bank. So, it will be very foolish to spend crores of rupees on building statues when we have loan on our heads.
  • Even the developed countries are not building these kind of money draining statues.
  • There is no guarantee that the tall statues will attract tourists. Natural things should be improved to attract tourists. It’s better to go for eco-friendly and cheap options to improve tourism. Moreover, tourism constitutes only 9% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product). So, it’s not wise to spend crores of rupees for tourism.
  • Public opinion wasn’t taken before starting these projects, and hence the move is undemocratic.
  • There are several issues with the proposed statues such as – Chatrapathi Shivaji statue will disturb the ecosystem of the Arabian sea, Cauvery statue will effect the brundhavan gardens, which is one of the biggest tourist spots of Karnataka & Ram statue in Ayodhya will make minorities insecure – India is a secular country and so the government should stay away from religious sentiments.
  • The true intentions behind these statues are politically motivated rather than carrying forward the legacy of the leaders.
  • We need to use our land judiciously considering the population of India.
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Conclusion :-

Building the giant statues is just a wastage of money. It’s much better to go for cheap and efficient alternatives to carry forward the legacy of leaders and historical places.


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  1. As per my opinion , govt should use the resources efficiently. Spending money on statues can help in gaining tourists … bt upto what extent ?
    In today’s world , people are not much interested in historical things … and when one can see the statue
    on social media like fb … why one will come specially for this… govt should utilize the money on better plans like innovation , helping the needy .. etc.
    For gaining votes govt . Should not utilize the money unnecessarily. I respect the govt . Decision bt am not satisfied with the move .
    Govt. Should focus on any of following things.
    1. Plan opted is the only one attracting many , benefiting many ;or
    2. Plan opted is the best one .. from the rest.

  2. In my point of view making such a large statues is lost of the public money. As thousand and crores rupees are spent in the building of such statues it could be spend on developing technology in rural areas of the country. It can be used in agricultural, industrial sector for developing the gdp of the country. As we all know many if the farmers of our country are died due to the burden of loans so the govt must take a necessary concern about them . Even we as a family member cannot spent money in unnecessary or unuseful construction or in any other sector, so how can the govt can waste such a large amount of the public which they had paid by
    several taxes imposed on them. The govt has to spent the public fund on Various sectors like education, agriculture, industrialization , rural development etc from which the fruitful outcome can be achieved. At the end I will like to say that govt must ignore such project as they don’t gave any outcome to the society, or country. Such statues can never be a part of improving the tourism sector, developing employment, and even cannot generate a good revenue. So wake up india it’s 21. Century in which we are living.. there is no needs of statues .. it is time to focus on latest technologies. Thank you.

  3. Building statues would increase tourism revenue and employment but it is not going to happen overnight it is a seed which is going to give fruits in the long run. Making one or two statues is still acceptable but now every state wants to compete in the race of building the highest and biggest statue but at what cost.. The huge amounts that we borrow form foreign organisations should be used for purposes that are fruitful in nature as the need for the hour is to reduce the widespread poverty amd inequality in our economy.

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