Debate topics 2019 (with Answers)

debate topics

Here are the debate topics of 2019. These Group Discussion topics are the most debated topics of 2019.

  1. Should reservations be based on economic status?
  2. Sabarimala verdict – Progressive OR a threat to traditions?
  3. Should Aadhaar be made mandatory?
  4. Should Article 35A be abolished?
  5. Should Delhi be given statehood?
  6. Should there be a ban on Bandhs?
  7. Should Uniform Civil Code be implemented?
  8. Is Indian culture decaying?
  9. Should Capital punishment be banned?
  10. Should Homosexuality be legalized?
  11. Bullet for Bullet: Is it a Right policy?
  12. Alcohol Ban in India – Pros and Cons
  13. Is Technology rising Unemployment rates?
  14. Should Chinese products be banned in India?
  15. Donald Trump Presidency – Impact on the world
  16. Can World Peace be achieved?
  17. Should the Internet be censored?
  18. Is censorship of movies an outdated concept?

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Note :- This list will be updated whenever there are new important issues

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