In Favor :-

  • Some temples have centuries-old traditions. And we should not simply break it.
  • Some temples have their own reasons. For example, if we take Sabarimala, Lord Ayyappan is a celibate. So, the temple management opines that allowing women to this temple is against God’s will.
  • India is a secular country. So, government should not interfere into religious customs.
  • There are some temples in India that bars men from entering.

Against :-

  • Barring women to worship places is gender discrimination. World is progressing towards gender equality, but these restrictions are reversing the progress.
  • Terming menstruation as impure is regressive. It only emphasizes that girls should be ashamed of their menstruation cycles.
  • Banning women from entering into temples is unconstitutional, because it is violating Articles 14 (equality before law), 25 and 26 (freedom of religion) of Indian Constitution.. We are Indians and we should follow the Indian constitution.
  • There is no written proof that barring women to temples is a centuries-old tradition.
  • Though religions can have personal laws. Religious institutions do not have right to ban women from entering into worship places.
  • In the past, there were restrictions to lower castes in temples. But as we progress these restrictions were eliminated. We should value ethics more than customs.
  • All the temples that do not allow women are public properties and not private properties. Hence, they cannot restrict women from entering into these temples.

Timeline :-

  • In June, 2016, Supreme court replied positively to a petition challenging the ban on women in Sabarimala temple. SC said that no religious institution has right to prevent women’s entry into worship places.
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Conclusion :-

Times are changing. There is a need to revisit and recheck centuries-old customs to analyse that they are ethical or not. Traditions and customs are made by people like us, and not written by God to keep them as it is. No gender is inferior to the other.

Afterwords :- Do you think it’s ethical to place gender-specific rules in worship places? Express your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Sangeet lamba, Nov 23, 2019 @ 4:25 pm Reply

    No i think that god has created all the creatures ,so i suppose that women are not prohibited to enter this temple .This belive was a rumours which was spread by some non ethicical people

  • Tinku paul, Jan 11, 2018 @ 7:20 am Reply

    People goes to the temple to visit the God and get peace. some of the powerful people made tradition and custom to stop the woman ,God did not write to prevent women to entry into the temple. We are living in the Twenty first century. gender descrimination should stop. In most of the religious places dignitaries should be women.

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