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In Favor of Books:

  • When reading a book, distractions are minimal compared to reading on screens, leading to deep reading and enhanced recall abilities.
  • Reading a book typically causes less eye strain when compared with reading on screens.
  • Holding a book in your hands and reading it provides an irreplaceable experience that screens can’t match.
  • Since books have fewer distractions, reading them has the potential to reduce stress.
  • Books require less maintenance since they don’t need charging or an internet connection.

In Favor of Screens:

  • Screens are cost-effective. We can learn many things with the help of smartphones and the internet. Moreover, e-books and the content on the internet are cheaper than physical books.
  • Screens are inclusive. For example, they have a feature called text-to-speech, which is very helpful for visually impaired people, making it easier for them to understand and enjoy content.
  • Screens are easy to carry, making them convenient to take anywhere, unlike books which can be heavier and bulkier to transport.
  • Books lack the convenience found in screens, where you can increase text size, change its colour, and search for specific words.


Choosing between books and screens depends on what someone likes. Some may prefer traditional books with their physical pages, while others might like screens, such as tablets or smartphones, where they can read and explore information digitally. It completely depends on personal preference.

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  • Tushar, Dec 17, 2023 @ 11:09 am Reply

    Reading by book helps a person to be more focused and when one imagine without distraction it works like an exercise of brain for that person.
    I believe it is about the convenience how a person wants to read more important is to read everyday

    • Tanisha Gupta, Jan 24, 2024 @ 10:39 pm Reply

      I do agree with you but dont you think that we can not take books anywhere but we can take our phone with us and one or two book can not give you the whole knowledge but with the help of internet we can search or explore about so my topics easily .

      • KAREDDY, Mar 3, 2024 @ 12:00 am Reply

        I am agree with you but don’t you think that radiation of the mobile effects your brain and may cause headache and sight problems-and –some people read daily but they are not read with screen but with books and–some people read occasionally with screen’s but not with books,..I believe it is about the convenience how a person wants to read more important is to read everyday,.

  • Milind Aher, Dec 9, 2023 @ 10:06 am Reply

    Having a reading habit is Always a Good there are lots of benefits of Reading Such as – improve your vocabulary . Improve your Communication skills, During an Interview it would help you a lot . I’ m talking this through my own Experience. Because, these normal things are Help me a lot to improve my communication if you go by a books or by Digitally

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