Abrogation of Article 370

abrogation of article 370


  • On 7th August 2019, President Ram Nath Kovind declared abrogation of Article 370 of the Indian constitution after the resolution to revoke the article was passed by both the houses of the parliament (Rajya Sabha & Lok Sabha).

What is article 370?

  • Article 370 is a temporary provision of the Indian constitution which grants special status to the state of Jammu & Kashmir, under part XXI of the Constitution of India which deals with ‘Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions’. Article 370 is the only constitutional link between India and Jammu & Kashmir.

Some major provisions of Article 370:- 

  • According to this article, except for foreign affairs, defence, finance and communication, Indian Parliament needs the approval of State Legislature for applying all other laws.
  • The Union government cannot declare emergency in Jammu & Kashmir unless there is a case of war or external aggression. In case of any internal disturbance or imminent danger, an emergency can be applied only by the request of state government or by its approval.
  • Citizens of J & K follow their own constitution and Indians of other states cannot buy property in J&K.
  • In India, the residuary powers are vested with the Union Government but in case of Jammu & Kashmir, the residuary powers are vested with the state government.

Benefits of removing Article 370:-

  • As per Article 370, people of other regions cannot buy land or settle in Jammu & Kashmir. This is acting against the development of the region. By abolishing article 370, teachers, doctors and other professionals can settle there bringing better facilities. And also industries can be set up in the region and hence Jammu & Kashmir can be economically developed.
  • By abolishing this article, the government can act tough against the terrorism present in the region.
  • Many laws such as The prohibition of Child Marriage Act, women’s reservation were not applicable to Jammu & Kashmir, because of the provisions of Article 370. Now, all laws of India will be applicable to J&K also.

Disadvantages of removing Article 370:-

  • Citizens of Jammu & Kashmir are facing so much struggle because of many reasons such as the fight between India and Pakistan, the constant presence of troops, unemployment crisis etc. So if the special status is also removed, they may feel like their voice is suppressed.
  • People of J&K have a feeling that settlers from other regions will change the demography of the region. So, due to the abolition of article 370, they may protest against the central government.


  • With 1954 Presidential Orders almost the entire constitution was extended to Jammu & Kashmir including most of the Constitutional Amendments.
  • Nehru said in Lok Sabha in 1963 that Article 370 has eroded.
  • 94 of 97 entries in the Union List are applicable to J&K; 26 out of 47 entries of the Concurrent List have been extended. 260 of 395 Articles have been extended to the state, besides 7 of 12 Schedules.
  • There is a provision in Article 370 that it can only be revoked by the consultation of the constituent assembly of Jammu & Kashmir, but the constituent assembly dissolved itself in 1957. And since then it has been a major issue in revoking Article 370.


Repealing Article 370 to develop the region is a good and bold step by the government. This step will help in integrating the Jammu & Kashmir region with the rest of India. But the way it was done is against the democratic principles because the public or the state leaders are not consulted before passing this bill. To prevent the negative consequences, the government should take effective steps for the development of the region on a war footing. There is a need to improve employment opportunities as promised. It is the responsibility of the government to make the people of Jammu & Kashmir feel safe and secured.

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  1. In my perception, abrogation of Article 370 is a bold step taken by Indian government, and I would like congratulate our nation’s government for this. This will bring strong economy and better opportunities for the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir. Moreover it is welcomed by the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir with the open hands. This step unites India in the first place and will give more power to people of Jammu and Kashmir to enjoy their rights. Along with this, declared Laddak as a separate Union territory is one of the best decision taken by Indian government, thus the citizens of Laddak are now able to enjoy their rights and will have better opportunities of employment, education etc. Abrogation of Article 370 is good for the nation and the dream of every India is now fulfil that we have one nation one constitution.

  2. I think abrogation of article 370 is a good decision by govt. as it helps in development of the region and bring equality among people. it also help in to fight against terrorism in the region.

  3. According to me revoked article 370 it’s a strong decision. After independence no other government had courage to take this bold decision because of vote bank. Modi government got the opportunity because of they have parliament and Rajyjo Sabha has full majority. Actually Article 370 is the tool of terrorism and Pakistan used to take the advantage. But now article 370 abolished so any people can go there for work purpose and settle there . If industry will set up then common people will get the job , unemployment problem will solve. If people will get the job they will be busy and they will not get time to involve in bad activities. They will get all civic amenities like water , electricity, health system and education like other state. We everybody aware Kashmir is the paradise , if more and more people will go there for visiting purpose then Kashmir tourism industry will develop. Now people have desire to go but they get afraid if normalcy will come then people don’t need to think. So state economy will develop. According to me it is not like that all the people involved in bad activities so common, innocent people may be they are very happy to abolish this article 370.

  4. I think its a good step taken by government because when people from other states start settling in J&K , they may have positive effect on the citizens of J&K by interacting with them. Thus J&K citizens feel more secured and united and this contribute to one nation one constitution.

  5. In my point of view, the article 370 should not be removed instantly from our constitution. As it got nullified to a large extent, government should focus on subjects which can provide all round development in a state rather revoking instantly. If state government collectively work with central government to resolve issues in a state then lots of problems will settle down. Non residents along with minorities of the state are not allowed to get amenities provided by government also they do not have voting rights which is not according to the democracy and this thing has to be nullified. Likewise, looking into one another issues article 370 can be nullify. After implementation of the new subjects and after getting confidence of citizens, finally it can removed peacefully.

      1. According to my perception that is a best decision taken by the Indian government because the people of Kashmir find a good investment from all over the country which means they have a lot of the employment due to the lack of the employment these people take part in a stone pelting but 370 revoked which means these as people has a lot of the employment and these people peacefully follow the path of peace that is good for our country

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