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  • Madhya Pradesh Home minister opined that porn is the main reason for rising rape cases. The debate on negative impacts of porn on society is not new. Let’s discuss whether porn should be banned or not.

Why porn should not be banned :-

  • Banning porn is against personal freedom. Government should not restrict what people watch in private. We live in democracy.
  • There is no proof that porn is the cause for violence against women. Infact porn ban in Pakistan have no positive effects. Violence against women and children is on the rise in Pakistan same as India where there is no porn ban.
  • Banning porn websites is practically impossible. It is very easy create a website and to upload videos. Even if government could ban all the porn content, new content will be added. And considering the huge number of sites that contain porn, it is practically not possible to detect all the sites to ban them.
  • If watching porn is made illegal, it may lead to dangerous consequences. For example, if someone in your whatsapp send sexually explicit content and if it was downloaded automatically, you may face arrest for possessing porn videos. And if your computer is attacked by a malware that places porn related content in your PC, you may face punishment even if you haven’t committed the crime.
  • It is parents responsibility to guide children and to restrict their access to internet. Banning porn is a not a solution.
  • Complete ban on porn may cause sexual frustration in porn addicts and as a consequence, they may commit crimes.

Why porn should be banned :-

  • The statement that watching porn is entertainment and comes under personal freedom is not right because entertainment should be ethical. For example, those who consume drugs may say that drugs are just for entertainment, but that doesn’t mean taking drugs comes under right to freedom. Drugs effects physical and mental health, and Porn effects mental health.
  • Most of the porn videos contain violence on women. They show as if women enjoy violence against them. People do get influenced by what they watch. As a consequence, few men and few young boys treat women as sex objects and think that harassing them is OK.
  • India is a sexually repressed country. Here, discussing about sex is still a taboo. Proper sex education is not provided for children and adolescents. In this situation, young people are guided wrongly by porn videos. As young children do not have any prior guidance, they start believing that the sex in porn is normal. It may take a lot of time before they realize that sex is the expression of love and it should happen between two consenting adults.
  • Studies proved that porn addicts face difficulty to be good life partners. They tend to put unrealistic expectations on their sex life and causes disturbances in relationships.
  • Watching porn indirectly encourages human trafficking. Many innocent children and young women are being kidnapped for flesh trade and some of them are forced to be in porn videos.
  • Some actors in porn suffer violence and diseases. So, there is nothing good in porn.
  • Practically, if anyone watches other people when they are engaged in sexual activity, they will be arrested for voyeurism. Everyone knows that it is unethical. But porn encourages voyeurism.
  • Some people argue that porn is not banned in developed countries yet they have low rape cases. The situation is different there considering liberal culture they have. We cannot compare both the cases. We should take decision depending on what is suitable for our country.
  • A significant part of porn is child pornography. Child pornography is illegal throughout the world and watching, distributing and making it are crimes and attract severe punishments. But still it is widely available in internet. This is one of the causes for increasing rapes on children.
  • Though smartphones, children have access to entire internet. They do not know what is good and what is bad. So, they are the most vulnerable for the negative impacts of porn. It is our responsibility to create a safer environment for the young children.

Conclusion :-

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Debate on porn ban is there from years. World is divided on this issue. Some people want a complete ban on porn. Some people term porn ban as unnecessary and an infringement to personal freedom. It seems as society will not be united on this issue in the near future.

However, what we can do at present is to provide sex education to young children on a war-footing. Considering the rise of violence especially by minors, and considering the huge availability of sexually explicit content over the internet, it is very important to provide sex education & gender sensitization programs to everyone irrespective of their age.

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