Demonetization of old 500 & 1000 rupees notes – Is it a good move?

Background :-

  • On 8th November 2016, Indian Government demonetized 500 and 1000 rupee notes that are in circulation, and announced the issuance of new 500 and 2000 rupee notes.
  • Time limit was set to exchange old notes with new ones.

Reasons for this move :-

  • To counter black money and fake currency. People who have black money cannot be able to deposit the old currency easily. So black money can be taken out of circulation.

In Favor :-

  • A good chunk of black money will be taken out of circulation strengthening India’s economy.
  • This step will instill fear among the tax evaders that they are not inescapable if they follow illegal practices.
  • This move is a big blow to the corruption, drug trafficking and smuggling, because all these activities are carried out with black money.
  • Most of the fake currency will be out of the system.
  • Old notes are allowed to be paid for utility bills. In the one week span after the demonetization move, lots of outstanding bills are cleared, which will have positive impact on economy.
  • Supreme Court responded negatively to the petition asking for withdrawal of the demonetization move and said that the move is laudable.
  • With the inconvenience caused to farmers in the Rabi crop season, Govt of India relaxed the demonetization rules and said that farmers can now buy seeds with the old 500 notes.
  • Common people should bear the inconvenience for the greater good of the society.
  • International response to this move is positive.
  • With this move, owners of informal organisations are more likely to register their organisations to transform them into formal organisations. Thereby tax revenue for governments will be increased.
  • ‘Chattisgarh’ is the first state to pass notion supporting the demonetization move.
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Against :-

  • It caused a lot of inconvenience to common people. People were forced to stand in long queues at ATMs and banks as there was very low limit of withdrawal each time.
  • Still there are many Indians, especially in the below poverty line section that have no bank accounts. They will have no other option, because one person can exchange old notes worth Rs.2000/- only. Remaining amount can be deposited in the bank accounts.
  • People who are in emergency situations such as medical emergencies and marriage ceremonies are suffering because of the present situation.
  • Cost of demonetization is more than its benefits. The expenditure for printing new notes and the costs to carry out denomination move are very high.
  • Most of the black money may not be in terms of physical cash.
  • 85% of transactions in India are cash transactions. So It may not be the right move to force everyone towards cashless transactions all of a sudden.
  • Once the new notes come into circulation, the problem of black money may return to the previous position.
  • The decision was one-sided. India is a democratic country. Democratic government shouldn’t take one-sided decisions like Monarchial governments.
  • This move caused temporary loss to workers in informal sectors. Because most of them get wages per day in cash. Due to lack of physical cash, employers had to stop work for few days.
  • World Bank estimated that demonetization move will reduce GDP growth from the earlier estimated 7.6% to 7% for the financial year 2016-17.
  • ‘Delhi’, ‘Uttar Pradesh’ and ‘West Bengal’ opposed the move.
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Conclusion :-

Demonetization of higher denomination notes is a good move but with poor execution. Government would have given alternatives for common people. It would have taken steps to avoid inconvenience to commoners. But this move will surely strengthen India’s economy, which in turn benefits common people.

Afterwords :- Do you think demonetization of old higher denomination currency notes is a good move? Did we miss any point? Express your opinion in the comment section below.

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  1. my point of view is its a great step by indian govt bcoz some currpted ministers n politician have a lot black money that’s why by this step all black money came out easily bcoz the can’t deposit their money in the bank and this money is use less for them so now they are in big problem😂😂😂

  2. but in a democratic country decisions are not taken in such a way, above all to eliminate the problems which were prevailing in the country, the middle class people whose proportion is 85 in india were troubled in such a way that those indians died bcz of suffocation standing in a que for the reason which you term as the best leader and 50% black money is still out and has been changed to white . above alll even RBI didnt had information about this change , maybe in next 30 years the country will change its phase to developed nations but since 50 years the crime rate has just increased and demonetization just gave hike to it.

  3. Most importantly more than 80% of black moneys are not fluid. , even a child know it has a loop-holes that these black money can made white by diverted it to others account like who don’t know how to access bank account and who don’t have info money to maintain balance, and also in many other ways..
    How you will gate a cash of 2.5lks form bank when bank not have sufficient money to give 4000/- for their customer as a daily limit. Is it possible to complete all formalities within 2.5lks? Each and everyone arrange their child marriage according to their status. It’s possible to arrange a marriage in Mumbai or in Chennai by having 2.5lks. do u know that banks in many villages was not got new 500 & 1000 for public distribution ..
    how many hospital accepted ?

  4. yes its good move but government will take good measures for poor people because till now India ,some of the below poverty line people they have only curencies they all are not known about the norms and regulations so that it will affect that persons life but normal man demonetization is welcomed one.. but finally my opinion is no pain no gain this fact also suitable for demonetization .. initially it have trouble for all but finally it will move good

  5. Yes… definitely it was a historic decision and good move by the Indian government..
    This demonetization happened in a quick approach by the govt following the cloak and dagger secrecy because few days earlier from the demonetization date, it was reported that A big amount of fake currency notes came in Indian currency. Allegedly those have come from China or Pakistan. So I appreciate this decision of govt otherwise it could be the cause of a great damage to India.
    Though this historic decision of the govt faced a huge protest by the opposition but welcomed by the common man for country’s cause despite facing a lot of inconvenience. Some critics will definitely oppose my point that the decision was welcomed. so I want to let them know that if common man and middle class person opposed this decision, BJP could never get such a massive mandate in up election.
    And I’ll firmly say that this historic decision has proved successful….
    One of most clear example is a recent news which reported that due to demonetization the position of India having black money in switz bank has gone below. So now it is clear that this decision has achieved its purpose of fetching out black from switz bank.
    It also created a greater problem to secessionists in funding of terror in kashmir but unfortunately they soon regained their clout.

    These all are the biggest positive effects of demonetization. While there are so many positive effects inside the country amongst the societies.

    This historic decision also indicates the leadership of our Pm… This decision proved him that he never hesitate to take big decisions for the welfare of the country. And in my opinion The person having this attribute is the best leader.

  6. Also the many bank managers are help to the corrupted people to exchange the notes so many of the black money remains in same position

  7. I think this big note of 2000 to get more black money in our society. My opinion is again to do demonitization and introduce new note of 1000

  8. Whatever which is done to ‘re monetize’ India is a very strategic move by the government. First of all, under ‘Jana Dhana Yojana’ a provision was made such that even the poorest of the poor can open his own account even with nil balance. The people who heeded the government’s warning had to face only a little impact of demonetization. Moreover, this surgical strike on black money was planed only after Diwali. So that the common people did not have to face problems with the money that they need for Diwali to buy things.

  9. The truth and the non denying fact is that corruption will begin to spread again because all the rich people obviously have links with the banks and they changed their currency quite easily …. Corruption is in our minds …. Demonetization will only help little

  10. It’s really a historic decision taken by our government against corrupt peoples.
    And it requires a lot of bravery to implement it in such a highly populated country.
    That’s why I sault all the people who has been a part of this incredible moment.

  11. intension was good but not the execution, and no solid statistics are available to prove its worthiness, let the CAG come with a proper analysis as promised recently

  12. friends by this move 4000 crore black money caught by government.this move is changing into a cashless economy like narway is a 96% cashless economy and there is no corruption.if india will become a cashless economy then there will not be corruption.
    there were some problems with common people but government gave facility to them like in a marriage a man can withdraw 2.5 lack rupees and in hospitals old notes were accepted.
    thank you friends

  13. in diwali every household to be renewed in each house including the treasury and currency. So Demonitisation is a simillar move rather it is a Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Part-II. In future Part-III will come. This move will not able to stop black money but it will clean the garbage / antisocial elements from India. It is a wonderful move and brave dicisson by all time great Narendra Modi (PM of India). Jai Bharat.

  14. Corrupt peoples now come in danger as we all kniw that many corrupt peoples are arrested by police in few days after demonatization so i thaink it was a good step taken by government aganist corruption.

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